Shekinah Testimonies

Meet some parents, alumni, and students of Shekinah as they share their stories and testimonies of how Shekinah has impacted their lives, not only in school but also beyond — in their careers, professions, and how they live their lives. They are forever part of the Shekinah family.
Noel Ison, Shekinah Parent for 15 years

Any school can teach academics. The good schools teach these effectively.  The best schools teach academics effectively, maintain a culture that promotes integrity and excellence, and tries to bring out the best in their students.  When we checked Shekinah, we looked for indicators of integrity and excellence. Any school will tell you they promote good values, but the proof is in the culture of the students.  We looked at their trophy shelves (yes, there were so many trophies, they needed several shelves), and these told us, more than any slogan or tagline, that the culture was competitive, pushed for excellence, and took the development of students’ talents seriously, in a varied field of arts, sports, and academics.

When we talked to the school admin, it was clear that discipline was taken seriously in Shekinah, and that discipline was done in genuine love for the child. After vetting all that we had seen and heard, it was clear that Shekinah was one with us, as parents, in the values and principles we wanted to instill in our child.

Shekinah has been a very effective partner for us parents, in the development of our child’s academic prowess and artistic talents, and in the holistic formation of good Christian character.

Melody Aquino, Shekinah Parent and Grandparent

Parenting is a big challenge, and demands the utmost ingenuity in bringing up children according to your morals, while allowing them to develop their own unique personalities. On my end, being a parent of four [4] boys was definitely on a league of its own. Choosing a school where they would have fit in wasn’t easy. 

Thankfully, the existence of Shekinah Christian Training Center came to our awareness. Come 2003, transferring him and our third and our youngest son was the eventual result of many bargains and persuasion, however the final decision to transfer them was affirmed when two other friends from the same previous school transferred their own children as well. As a sigh of relief, within 2 weeks of their stay in SCTC, they verbalized renewed encouragement resulting from the prevailing friendly atmosphere, a significant improvement from where they came.

Shekinah has planted strong Christian values and kindness in our children. It has sown thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation with parents, as personally witnessed and experienced during five [5] Junior Student Conventions [JSC], eight [8] National Student Conventions [NSC], and one [1] International Student Convention [ISC]. Thanks to these avenues, my sons’ God-given gifts were discovered, nurtured, and harnessed by SCTC. 

Shekinah was also very much encouraged by the participation of its parents in the extra-curricular activities of its students. My being part of the planning of the very first Shekinah Junior-Senior Prom outside the school premises with batch 2007 was very enriching, allowing me to assist in making such a memorable night for our children. It is indeed a blessing to have been part of a school that is open to the energetic and assertive efforts of its parents.

My husband Chuck and I left Shekinah in 2011 when our youngest finally graduated from high school, truly blessed with wonderful memories, true riches, and grateful hearts. We parted from Shekinah with sadness, but also with warmth and love. It is with confidence that we can say that Shekinah Christian Training Center will continue to educate and encourage many more young lives to shine for the Lord – producing abundant fruits among its students for God’s glory.

Year 2019… looks like we didn’t leave after all, with our grandson joining the Shekinah family.

Nepthalie Caja, Parent of Shekinah Alumni

 “Train up a child In the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  This verse from Proverbs 22:6 has been my guiding verse in raising my children, and this included my choice of school for them. Putting them under the School of Tomorrow system did not come by accident. We prayed and searched, until the Lord led us to Shekinah Christian Learning Center. And we knew, we made the right decision.

I believe the real fruit of being a Shekinah student can be seen several years after school, when my daughter was no longer with Shekinah. The real fruit was seen when she was launched into the big university world, and she was able to rise up above the trials and temptations around her. The real fruit was seen when she entered the unknown professional world, and faced the challenges, and thrived. The real fruit continues to manifest in her daily life, as she lives each day, pursuing her passion and purpose, for God’s glory.

Now, it’s confirmed, this was the reason why I felt peace the moment my daughter entered Shekinah. I knew the school would be her second home, where she would be taught and trained by Godly administrators and supervisors. I knew Shekinah would help me mold her into a beautiful woman after God’s own heart.

Pauline Nicole Gusto, UP Manila Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology, Cum Laude 2014 Shekinah High School Valedictorian, Batch 2010

My childhood was spent in Shekinah’s colorful rooms and kalachuchi covered playgrounds. Shekinah was a blessing to me, not only because of the people and teachers I’ve met, but also because of its unique curriculum.  

Shekinah instilled virtues such as punctuality with schoolwork and self-directed learning. These skills have served me well in college and even in practical matters. Shekinah also prized literacy skills. Because of this thrust in literacy, it was easy to write academic papers for college. Public speaking was another skill that Shekinah focused on honing. This opened up more doors for me. Because Shekinah taught me to speak, I found myself having the confidence to communicate with different people, whether it was on a local public platform or even a foreign one.

I could list more benefits from Shekinah’s training, but the best treasure this school imparted to me was my foundation in the Christian faith. Shekinah intentionally fostered a God-centered culture, one which I realized not every school had. I’m thankful for all our morning devotions in classrooms, the prayer time with classmates, and even our Wednesday chapel hours. Little things like teachers praying for you or classmates saying to each other, “God bless you!” made a lasting impact.

There’s a difference between growing up as a youth with God in your life, versus trying to navigate that tumultuous period without Him. Shekinah made it possible for me to experience God at an earlier age, and for that I’m grateful. Shekinah wasn’t just a school training students for a temporary life on Earth; it was a place God used to discipline children and youth for eternity.  

Priscilla Denise M. Viterbo, Shekinah Alumni, Batch 2015

Looking back at my 12 years stay in Shekinah, I could definitely tell that I have learned a lot from my alma mater. Shekinah has prepared me in different aspects of life that I am truly grateful for. What mattered to me the most were the values that the school has instilled within me which developed my character, attitude, and perspective in not just the student life but also life itself.

Shekinah prepared me for the world of college and life as I was able to gain more confidence and unleash my potential which contributed to my personal growth. My experiences in school greatly influenced me as a person and made me excited for new opportunities, possibilities, and embrace changes in my life. I look at all of this as a great stepping stone that trained me in my decision making skills, taught me discipline, and helped shape my perspective in life. 

It was the integration of faith into every aspect of the student life which was something I brought along with me as I graduated, went into college, and even until now as a working professional in my field. The school and its staff demonstrated what it meant to serve Christ in everything we do in and out of the classroom which inspired me to be passionate about anything knowing the grace and favor of God is with me throughout my journey in life.

I am personally thankful that I was able to study in Shekinah.

Nio Dela Cruz, Shekinah Student

My journey in Shekinah has been a series of ups and downs, but I have learned a lot of things in my time here. Starting off, a change in personality was needed. I was not always good with rules and often got into trouble with swearing, lying, and cheating. I felt like I didn’t belong and I utterly hated it there at the time

As time passed, I learned to fit in, and eventually the Lord softened my heart and I learned to love Him and the school. I started to correct my ways and did my best to stay out of trouble and do good for the school. I still stumbled and struggled with myself, but with the help of Godly counsel and the Lord by my side, I grew more spiritually.

As time went on, correction and training shaped me. I have been entrusted with responsibilities in the school that I consider to be blessings and a privilege, I know that the Lord is not done with me yet, and I am excited to see what more He has in store for me, I am Nio Dela Cruz, once lost with a hardened heart, but now found with a heart that is currently being molded, To God Be the Glory